Fractional marketing managers offer countless benefits for organizations looking to boost their marketing resources. In Part 1, we covered a few of the reasons why you need fractional marketing management: it’s budget friendly—especially compared to the cost of a full-time employee, it gives you access to a full digital marketing team, and it brings much-needed diversity to your marketing department.

Let’s jump right back in!

The Benefits of Using a Fractional Marketing Manager

4. Ensure Up-to-Date Marketing Knowledge

why hire a fractional marketing manager
Fractional marketing managers bring their own hand-picked team of subject matter experts who are specialists in their own fields.

A quick look at Forbes’ “12 Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of This Year” highlights how quickly marketing trends advance. Some of these current trends include:

  • Virtual reality
  • Interactive content
  • Chatbots
  • Pinterest
  • Influencer Marketing

Odds are that none of your employees covered these topics in B-School. These types of cutting-edge marketing tactics require SMEs to get programs up and running successfully. With their diverse skillset and wide network, fractional marketing managers can not only oversee implementation, but bring in the best specialists to do the heavy lifting.

5. More Accountability than Freelancers

Fractional marketing managers can be long-term or short-term partners. Either way, working with a fractional marketing manager and their hand-picked team of SMEs brings a higher level of accountability to other independent contractors you’ve brought in to the mix.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 B2B Content Marketing Report, “more than half (56%) of respondents outsource at least one” content marketing role. And freelancers add a whole other layer of managerial challenges for your (probably overworked) marketing team.

That’s why fractional marketing managers manage outside help for you, adding another layer of accountability compared to individual freelancers who may just disappear mid-project.

6. Flexibility to Manage New Problems

A fractional marketing manager’s coveted network of SMEs means when things go wrong or get complicated, they have flexible resources to get the job done. Tasks that sound simple, like updating a WordPress website, can have ripple effects into unexpected areas like SEO performance and PPC campaigns. A fractional marketing management professional calls on experts as part of their trusted team to quickly address any unexpected issues.

Fractional Marketing Management in Practice: We recently helped a clinical trials company specializing in advanced medical research and data gathering create and execute a long-term strategic planning and rebranding effort. This extended partnership required adopting many different roles throughout to carry out tasks like:

  • Branding and logo conception
  • Marketing strategy planning
  • Campaign management
  • Increasing online traffic
  • Patient outreach and recruitment

JABR’s flexible model allowed us to complete the rebrand and help the company continue growing, increasing both offline and online engagement with their target audience.

7. Scale the Team as Needed

In many industries, marketing is driven by seasonal events. Conferences and product launches create an overwhelming few months of preparation, but there are inevitably slower seasons when marketing has less to do.

Rather than remain staffed with full-time employees left over from the busiest periods of the year, fractional marketing management can provide the temporary leadership and extra hands needed to meet whirlwind deadlines. Scaling smartly to meet seasonal needs allows companies with smaller marketing budgets to remain competitive with big-budget businesses in those crucial moments.

8. Gain an Outsider’s Perspective

Sometimes, what a company really needs is an outsider’s perspective to get out of a growth slump or tackle a new problem. Fractional marketing managers offer just that, providing a fresh perspective without trying to rewrite the entire marketing vision.

Fractional Marketing Management in Practice: When we were hired by a biotechnology company that was moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, one of their primary goals was finding a local expert with the know-how to plan and execute a full-fledged marketing campaign.

Even though this company had the resources to execute the campaign on its own, they saw the value of local knowledge to help them launch their new brand in a new location. With a strategic and localized launch—both online and through traditional marketing channels—the company received inquiries from two completely new customers mere hours after their new site went live.

Fractional marketing managers have the insight and confidence to act on their experience and help execute your marketing vision to reap maximum rewards.

The possibilities of fractional marketing management are only limited by your imagination. See how JABR Marketing can meet your marketing needs by contacting us today.

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