When implementing medical device marketing best practices in a marketing campaign, many companies enlist the help of a part-time marketing consultant. Not only can outsourced marketing save your company time, but it ensures that you’re leaving your campaign in the hands of experts.

This approach is especially timely for transitioning into 2020. As technology increases, the FDA is seeking to accelerate the approval process for devices that treat or diagnose life-threatening conditions. Plus, because the FDA will raise the costs of premarket medical device applications by $10,000 in 2020, implementing medical device marketing best practices (through methods like freelance marketing) will be even more crucial to the bottom line for manufacturers and distributors.

Here are a few medical device marketing best practices that will serve you well in the coming year.

1. Educate More, Sell Less
We mentioned in a past article that medical device marketers should shift their focus from a device’s features to its overall value. Now, it’s time to take things a step further and use the digital space to educate the public.

With only 34% of Americans stating that they have “great confidence in medical leaders,” education is important to the success of a medical device marketing campaign. Videos that educate the public on a specific device’s value and incorporate positive case studies or testimonials help inform potential customers and engage them in relationship-building marketing tactics. Providing research-based evidence doesn’t hurt either.

2. Embrace AI
AI has been around for a while; in fact, in the medical industry, it’s incredibly prevalent. One of the biggest medical device marketing best practices in 2020 will be the implementation of AI in marketing campaigns.

As the cliché goes, time is money. To access data such as physician or clinic email addresses more efficiently, medical device marketers can leverage AI data-collection services to comb the Web for this information. This will save you time and allow you to focus on content creation.

3. Update Your Website
Chances are high that you have at least one competitor. When trying to decide on which medical device to sell (as a medical practitioner) or use (as a patient), many people turn to the internet.

If your website is littered with stock photos and sales lingo, it can easily turn someone off. Remember, this device is likely going into or onto someone’s body. It’s important to empathize with consumers. Ask yourself: “If it were me, what would I want to learn about this device online?”

By turning a visit to your website into an experience using links to case studies, video testimonials, and blog posts, you show potential customers that you care about the human, not just the device.

A New Age for Medical Device Marketers
These are only a few medical device marketing best practices. Stay tuned for three additional tips worth implementing in 2020. Are you ready to hire more marketing staff? Get in touch to see how JABR Marketing can augment your medical device marketing team.

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