Telecom marketing tips from the pros can help telecom companies reach customers in new and exciting ways to continue growing their customer base.

Sure, the telecom industry isn’t as well-versed in digital marketing as other industries. It has suffered as a whole because of this lack of responsiveness to current consumer demands—as we noted in our previous post, “How Can Digital Marketing in Telecom Catch Up?.”

So, what’s a telecom company to do? The only way to advance in any industry is to adapt to the times. With 2020 on the horizon, here are five telecom marketing tips that can help your business reach more people and retain current customers.


1. Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Being in the telecom sector, you’re likely to experience more customer complaints than those in other industries. When you offer multiple products, multiple packages, and multiple accessories to your customers, there’s more room for error. Chatbots can help with that.

By implementing chatbots into your next marketing campaign, you can elevate the customer experience. For example, if someone has a question in the middle of the night, they’re able to connect with someone (or, better yet, something) immediately versus having to wait to call during normal business hours.

2. Prioritize Content Marketing

You need an engaging content strategy in order to attract customers. Consumers are presented with, on average, 5,000 advertisements every single day. If your content isn’t engaging, potential customers won’t respond, and current customers may find a “better” company to take their hard-earned money. When it comes to top telecom marketing tips, prioritizing content marketing is essential.

3. Partner Up

One of the benefits of being in telecom is that you often have more freedom for creativity when it comes to marketing. Whether it’s event sponsorship, experiential marketing, or influencer marketing, finding unique ways to get your company name out there can deliver a great ROI.

Take sponsoring a sporting or music event: you gain access to a much larger target audience and can market your products or services in creative and unconventional ways through social media hashtags, special promos, and contests. Partnering with a charity or collaborating with an influencer to promote your offerings are also great ways to leverage the power of partnerships.


Now’s the Time to Implement these Telecom Marketing Tips

Keep these three telecom marketing tips in mind as you begin to craft your 2020 marketing plan and start setting your company up for success.

Of course, telecom marketing is easier said than done. To get the most out of your efforts, consider working with a freelance marketing specialist like JABR Marketing. By hiring a part-time marketing consultant, you’ll gain the help of an experienced, hands-on marketer to drive your marketing objectives to the finish line.

We hope your 2019 was a good one and that 2020 will be even better! Ready to set yourself up with marketing help for the new year? Get in touch to learn how JABR Marketing can support your telecom marketing needs.

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