Outsourcing event marketing can alleviate stress while ensuring your event is successful and on target. In many cases, it will save you money. And, as you’ll see in this two-part article, using a contract marketing professional can help drive attendees and lead to potential clients—delivering on the all-important ROI marketers need.

Why Should You Outsource Your Event Marketing Plan?Event Marketing

Conferences, large-scale tradeshows, high-end networking dinners, technical workshops: Events are a key part of the marketing mix for many companies. But how many times have you created an event marketing plan, only to have an important part slip through the cracks?

Maybe the PR plan didn’t gain the exposure you hoped for, or the white paper you wanted to hand out during the event didn’t get completed in time, or the follow-up email sequence wasn’t as attention grabbing as you’d hoped. A successful event is marketed properly through hundreds of steps happening smoothly on a rigid timeline. But most companies just don’t have the in-house resources to make that happen.

How You Benefit from a Contract Marketing Professional

A freelance marketing team can come in at just the right time to execute on your event marketing plan from start to finish. Here are five advantages of outsourcing event marketing to an experienced company:

  1. They have one goal: your company’s success. While your in-house team may have many projects, contracted event marketers have one objective: executing on your marketing plan to deliver the results you need.
  2. They have relationships that can help you. Established event marketing Event marketing teamprofessionals are connected to many vendors and partners, from web designers to copywriters to printers. Their network enables them to navigate any glitches, and you can benefit from the trust they’ve taken years to establish.
  3. They won’t stress—and they’ll help you stress less. Each part of your event marketing plan—social media, invitations, collateral development, websites, landing pages—involves many decisions and deadlines. A contract marketing professional is trained to think about these things all day long. They’ll keep their cool so you can too!
  4. They can help you avoid costly mistakes. Prior to outsourcing their event marketing, one of our clients discovered well into their marketing campaign that their event landing pages weren’t working. They missed several registrations and fell short of their goals. They brought JABR Marketing on for the next event to avoid making that mistake again. We’re programmed to catch those types of errors early on, preserving the process and helping clients achieve their numbers.
  5. They can get a good deal. Sometimes, event marketers can get discounts you aren’t aware of. For example, they might have relationships with media outlets or Instagram influencers who can help you advertise at a discount. And all those partnerships in #2? Many of them will offer reduced rates to trusted business associates.

Finding the Right Freelance Marketing Team

If you read our post on tradeshow marketing, you know how complex event marketing can be. JABR specializes in outsourced event marketing and can offer all of these benefits and more. Curious? Reach out to us about making your next event your best yet. And keep an eye out for part two of this article, where we’ll offer even more tips for outsourcing event marketing!

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