We already covered four top modern marketing principles that are essential to put to work for your company in 2020. But there are two more that are worth talking about to ensure that you’re fully leveraging digital marketing best practices.

Utilizing email marketing and various forms of marketing technology are two crucial components of any smart marketing strategy and can greatly increase your ROI if executed effectively. Let’s dive in!


Modern email marketers are taking their campaigns to new heights and making email a VIP marketing channel

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a very long time – with the first marketing email reaching its destination in 1978, resulting in $13 million in sales for Digital Equipment Corp.

Why is email marketing listed among our top modern marketing principles if it originated in 1978? Well, it’s come a long way since the 70s: today, 50% of all email opens are done on a mobile phone.

What’s more, Forbes predicts that personalization will be a major component of modern marketing in 2020 and notes that segmented, personalized email lists will reign as a top marketing trend.

When done correctly, email marketing establishes a relationship with your target audience. The ultimate goal is to generate more leads. If you’re unfamiliar with optimizing email marketing campaigns for the best results, hiring a part-time marketing consultant can help you achieve your target ROI.


2. Marketing Technology, aka MarTech

The last of our top modern marketing principles for 2020 is embracing marketing technology.

Thanks to advancements in AI and natural language processing, companies are able to take advantage of chatbots in new and exciting ways.

Marketing technology, also called MarTech among us marketers, encompasses the tools and software that companies use to reach their target audience.

Two of the common types of MarTech today are messaging apps and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Messaging apps are applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which can greatly increase your relationships with customers. This leads to brand loyalty and repeat purchases. A report conducted by Media Kix predicts that, by 2020, the revenue generated from messaging apps will be “more than $15 per user, driven mainly by chatbots.”

Artificial Intelligence (the “brain” behind a chatbot) is another trend worth adopting. Using AI in your marketing efforts is becoming increasingly important as more and more consumers expect a company’s marketing to be authentic. Remember the earlier statement that personalization is becoming more of a necessity? AI can power much of this personalization, from customized product recommendations for online shoppers to targeted content suggestions for magazine subscribers. Other AI marketing solutions include visual search and social listening capabilities.


How Will You Apply These Top Marketing Principles in 2020?

These final two top modern marketing principles are essential to building a well-rounded and effective marketing plan for the coming year. By creating meaningful marketing emails and embracing marketing technology, your next campaign will have a better chance of turning more leads into paying customers.

Check out our previous article highlighting four other top modern marketing principles, and reach out to learn how JABR Marketing can help bring modern marketing tactics into your 2020 marketing efforts.

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