If you haven’t heard of a fractional marketing manager before, it’s high time you learned!

Chances are, you’re like most companies that are constantly trying to do more with less and ramp up your marketing ROI. In today’s competitive business world, your growing company needs the skillset of a strong marketing mind—even if you don’t have the budget to have one on staff.

That’s where a fractional marketing manager can make a huge difference.

A fractional marketing manager can help manage marketing campaigns beyond your in-house capabilities.

If you read our previous post on fractional marketing management, you understand the basics. As a refresher, a fractional marketing manager helps drive marketing programs by actually executing on strategies. Typically, companies bring in a fractional marketing manager when they need help managing a large marketing campaign that’s beyond their in-house capabilities.

Working with a freelance marketing professional or outsourced marketing company is becoming increasingly common, and many businesses want to take that relationship to the next level. They’re looking for a resource who can become a virtual part of their team and ensure that their marketing activities get across the goal line.

Fractional marketing managers can help to manage people, accounts, processes, and projects. They often call in their own specialized resources like graphic designers, SEO experts, writers, or other strategists. Some types of projects that a fractional marketing manager might help with include overseeing rebranding efforts, running team account projects, managing event logistics, or ensuring the online success of a new product.

Generally, you can expect that overall direction and strategy will be set by a CMO or other company leadership. Then a fractional marketing manager can be brought in to help put plans in place and ensure that those initiatives are carried out successfully. JABR’s marketing manager executes your marketing plan, monitors progress, and keeps things on track.

The Value of Fractional Marketing Management

In a world where any business can take advantage of the digital and remote landscape, it often makes sense to outsource marketing support versus hiring a full-time employee. The investment for a part-time marketing consultant pales in comparison to the full cost of a salaried full-time marketing manager. Plus, many companies find that they experience a higher ROI over time once they engage with a marketing consultant.

There are many other benefits of leveraging a fractional marketing manager to execute on your company’s marketing strategies. Check out our upcoming blog post to learn about the top three benefits of working with a fractional marketing manager. We promise, you’ll learn something new that could change the way you think about marketing program success!

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