Last time, we covered what a fractional marketing manager is and what they do. Now let’s talk about why they can make a big difference to your company—and your bottom line.

3 Key Benefits to Hiring a Fractional Marketing Manager

Benefit #1: Full-Time Resources Are a Big Expense – And Risk

Bringing on a manager full time with 5-10 years’ tenure means you’re paying a hefty salary range of $90-150k on average, according to the Sales and Marketing Leadership Alliance’s (SMLA) 2019 survey of sales and marketing managers. Do you know that the salary they command is justified by the amount of work that needs to be done? The last thing you want is to spend valuable resources on a FTE and have them sit idle. Not only that, but to commit to a full-time marketing manager, you’ll need to go through a hiring and onboarding process. What happens if after all of that, you find out that the individual isn’t a great fit? There’s a lot at stake when hiring someone full time. With a fractional marketing consultant or outsourced marketing company, it’s easier to see what you’re getting and budget specifically for that. You’ll hire them only for the campaigns at hand, which means you’re only paying for the time spent on a designated project.

Fractional marketing managers often have a rolodex of subject matter experts who can help get things done.

Benefit #2: Fractional Marketing Managers Know What You Don’t

No one knows your business better than you, but understanding marketing IS the business of a fractional marketing manager. No matter how well-designed your campaign is, someone who has worked on numerous projects like yours in the past can help find gaps and areas to improve. Not only that, many fractional marketing managers have relationships with industry specialists like graphic designers and connections with important advertising and PR specialists. They’re likely to have access to subject-matter experts to bring in when needed—contacts that even a talented full-time staff member wouldn’t have. Of course, fractional marketing consultants can also work seamlessly with your in-house team too.

Benefit #3: Fractional Marketing Managers Can Fill in The Gaps

Many times, companies need extra support for a big initiative like an event, marketing project, website launch, or rebranding. It doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time marketing manager who you’ll have to find work for (or worse, let go) once the project is complete. For companies that already have a full-time manager who is on leave, a fractional or freelance marketing manager can come in for the limited time that you need them—no more and no less. The best approach is to contract with a fractional marketing manager when you need to get a project over the goal line, and keep them in your back pocket during slower periods.

Is a Fractional Marketing Manager the Right Fit for You?

Are you short on marketing staff, but facing big goals? Do you have full-time marketing employees that will be out of the picture for a while? Do you need a “quarterback” to pull all your marketing activities together successfully? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then fractional marketing management could likely help your organization. Get in touch to learn more about JABR Marketing’s fractional marketing consultant services and how they can support your company.

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