Full Suite of CMO Services and New Product Launch: The Jenks Group


“Our consulting firm started a new executive product offering which required its own web site and marketing. We interviewed a few marketing firms and Julieann’s was one of them. After meeting with Julieann and her team, we felt they were the best equipped to handle our needs.”


full suite of CMO services

The Jenks Group is a strategic services company that specializes in consulting for small to medium sized businesses in the aerospace, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. These companies are those that need experts who normally deal with C-suite executives for a host of services including strategic planning, strategic planning management, or executive leadership development services.


The Jenks Group’s started a new executive product offering which required the creation of a brand new website and marketing plan from the ground up. The company needed a consulting firm with the knowledge and expertise in handling the digital marketing side of launching a new product aimed at C-level clients.

The executive leadership training program, based on principles used in Strategic Operations Training (SOST) employed by Navy Seals, emphasizes the honing of skills and critical thinking needed by both special forces and corporate personnel to survive and flourish in real-life situations.

executive training product


JABR Marketing provided a full suite of CMO services for the Jenks Group to promote its new product including:

  • Design and development of a new website
  • Interviews of clients
  • Strategic branding services
  • Development of a new logo
  • Creation and promotion of new landing pages
  • Video marketing services
  • Creation and dissemination of information through press releases to increase awareness
  • Execution of traditional PR campaigns such as interviews and an appearance on News 10 San Diego
  • Additional exposure through a San Diego Business journal article
  • Development of marketing collaterals such as leave-behind print materials such as postcards


JABR’s understanding of The Jenks Group’s products and services allowed for an efficient working relationship with the company. JABR  also provided invaluable input on how to market these products effectively.

JABR’s marketing and PR efforts brought the Jenks Group the exposure it needed after getting them coverage on So-Cal prime time television through a spot on KGTV Channel 10 news. Giving the company’s product and service offerings media exposure through television allowed the Jenks Group to bring in new clients as a result.